Cranial Released “Alternate Endings” Remixes


Almost three years after the last and still current album “Alternate Endings” by the post-metal band CRANIAL (ex-OMEGA MASSIF), four remixes of the songs from the last album are getting released now. Well-known artists likeAidan Baker (Nadja), Peter Wolff (Downfall Of Gaia), Ethan Lee McCarthy (Primitive Man/Many Blessings) and Dylan Walker (Full Of Hell) got recruited for this project. Risen from the ashes of legendary OMEGA MASSIF, CRANIAL have only taken the best from the typical OM-sound and developed it into their very own sound. With the EP ‘Dead Ends’ in 2015, the band from Würzburg gave not only gave a first sign of life, but rather left a bold exclamation mark in the international post-metal / sludge scene. A little over a year later the debut album ‘Dark Towers, Bright Lights’ was released. Celebrated by fans and critics alike, the band combines hard melodies and atmosphere into a perfect unity. 2019 the album “Alternate Endings” followed and shaped the sound even more. Three years later it is time for a new view on the songs and the above mentioned remixers created new “Alternate Endings” – ranging from Drone, Ambient to heavy soundtrack sounds.





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