Vadim Taver - Vadim Taver

Vadim Taver (This Day Forward, A Life Once Lost, Poison The Well) To Release New Solo Album

Vadim Taver - Vadim Taver

Vadim Taver has a long history in music.  Known mostly for his involvement in the punk rock and hardcore scenes playing with and recording in the bands This Day Forward (Equal Vision Records), A Life Once Lost (Ferret Records), and since 2016 playing live guitar for Poison the Well (Atlantic/Trustkill Records).

Vadim’s musical background is much more thorough having grown up playing in Concert and Jazz bands, orchestras, and traveling the world singing with the Philadelphia Boys Choir.  This album is closer to the sound and arrangements of the likes of Air, Pink Floyd, and Radiohead than Taver’s heavy music releases of the past.

This self-released LP shows Taver’s versatile musical background and ability.  The intent was always to make an album in the true sense of the word, with careful attention to detail and arrangements, to create something that will have the listener finding something new on each listen. Working for 6 years at Revelation Records, Taver also brings a DIY ethic to his music having recorded and played the majority of instruments at home. All CD packaging was handmade and each one of a kind with a limited run of vinyl coming in April.  Live performances with a band will follow.





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