Cartoon Hearts - Falling Out Of Love Overnight

Cartoon Hearts Drop New Album “Falling Out Of Love Overnight”

Cartoon Hearts - Falling Out Of Love Overnight

Cupid beware: Cartoon Hearts has released its debut album, Falling Out of Love Overnight, just in time for Valentine’s Day. This new project from Bay Area musician Jay Chiorean (Rove; Careful, Brother) is an emotionally raw examination of love gone wrong, elevated by hard-charging power-pop riffs that target anyone who’s ever had a broken heart.

“I’ve always had a weird love for songs that sound hella fun and happy but are actually huge bummers,” Chiorean says. He plays with that contrast throughout the album’s seven tracks, kicking off with the first single, “legs.” It’s easy to get caught in the play-it-loud anthem without fully absorbing its gut-punching message of how desperation can lead to self-destruction.

That schism between the message and the music continues throughout Falling Out of Love Overnight, charting the course of a ruined relationship that’s been running on momentum for far too long. Chiorean’s songs race through ping-ponging emotions (“Petty”), a wryly upbeat piano tune about resignation (“Bad Hand”), and the cathartic album closer, “All That Mess.”

“Sometimes people come into your life, and just aren’t meant to stay in it,” Chiorean says. “And that’s okay. You can continue to love someone, while also accepting that they won’t be a part of your future.” That sentiment shines through as Chiorean sings “We thought it was written in the stars, but that’s not who we are. That’s just not who we are.” 

Falling Out of Love Overnight is now streaming on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and other major streaming platforms.

Falling Out of Love Overnight was recorded with collaborators including Randy Moore (Get Married, Dan Andriano and the Bygones), Henry Chadwick, and producer/engineer Olav Tabatabai at Noise Eater Recordings in Santa Cruz, California.





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