Bärlin - State Of Fear

Bärlin – State Of Fear

Bärlin - State Of Fear

We have another unique release on our pages today. It has been a while since I had a chance to hear something like this. I admit this is the first time I am stumbling upon Bärlin, a creative French trio that doesn’t hesitate to explore the depths of several complementary music genres to achieve the desired sound. It’s nearly mindblowing how these folks assembled the entire album consisting of a comprehensive collection of profoundly complex compositions. Every track resonates with an exciting, unique, entertaining atmosphere stacked with brilliant ideas and exceptional musicianship. State Of Fear might be their upcoming full-length release, but these guys released several recordings worth checking out. Therefore, you should listen to their debut Bärlin LP, Emerald Sky, or The Dust Of Our Dreams before they release State Of Fear on March 3rd.

The State Of Fear consists of nine exceptional compositions that might sound like ordinary post-rock to some inexperienced ears, but the fact is that Bärlin explores so many music genres that it’s so difficult to encompass them all in one listening. You’ll certainly notice the fundamentals of post-rock music. However, there are also elements of avant-rock, indie rock, alternative, sludge, jazz, ambient, and drone lurking around in the mix. Bärlin incorporated many ideas and distilled them into excellent half-time rhythmic sequences, delicate basslines, and abrasive riffs. There’s a theatric tension in the vocal harmonies, usually empowered by compelling back vocals and singalongs that give this material more artsy vibes. The cinematic ambient perfectly matches their post-rock, sludge, drone, and doom segments, and it’s mindblowing how all these ingredients work together in harmony. Bärlin thought about everything they invested into this material, and the effort paid off in such a unique record that you unquestionably need to hear. State Of Fear is due for release on March 3rd. Keep your eyes peeled on this one.





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