you.Guru - UNtouchable CD

you.Guru – UNtouchable CD

you.Guru - UNtouchable CD

It has been a while since a new material by you.Guru arrived at our headquarters. For those unfamiliar with this band, you.Guru is a Polish experimental rock trio, and UNtouchables is their recent full-length release. As usually is the case with the experimental rock bands, these folks include a wide array of complementary music genres, infuse only the finest properties, and combine them to perfection. Therefore, UNtouchables contains seven luxurious, detailed, complex experimental rock tracks that bring up many qualities of progressive rock, avant-rock, post-rock, alternative, indie, electronic, and synth music. It may sound like too many genres involved to some readers, but these folks know what they’re doing.

You’ll be positively surprised by their inexhaustible creativity, brilliant ideas, musicianship, and extreme catchiness. These compositions contain so many segments, sequences, melodies, harmonies, themes, experimentations, improvisations, and other sonic delicacies that you’ll need a couple of spinnings to grasp them all. There’s no way you’ll catch up with everything these guys incorporated into these seven tracks with just one listening session. Quite the contrary, UNtouchable demands your utmost attention from scratch to finish. Once you put this CD into your player or press play on your favorite streaming service, you’ll notice and appreciate the sheer brilliance of this album.

Each instrument bursts with so much power. You’ll unquestionably notice profoundly dynamic, detailed, complex rhythmic sequences that go all the way up to progressive percussive maneuvers and back to simplistic beats. Still, it seems those progressive, jazzy beats are more common during the entire album. The bass guitar also plays one of the most significant roles in this sonic equation, mainly because it provides the band with equally detailed low-end tones and contributes to the ambiance with more than necessary heaviness. You’ll also hear divine arpeggiated chord progressions decorated with generous amounts of reverb, echo, or delay effect. These chord progressions usually act as a building blocks during the longevous overtures or improvisations, but the guitars also burst with powerful riffs and more progressive orchestrations once the band goes full berserk. Last but not least, many synth melodies, harmonies, virtuosities, and ambiances serve as the leads during the entire album. These are the final sonic layers that come as more than a necessary cherry on top. UNtouchable is a one-of-a-kind experimental rock album you need to hear to comprehend its brilliance. The album is available on CD and streaming platforms. Head to you.Guru’s official site for more information about ordering.





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