The Bad Pelicans

The Bad Pelicans Share Video For “Dance Music”

The Bad Pelicans
Photo by Diane Sagnier

“Dance Music” is the second extract taken from new LP “Eternal Life Now” coming out February 24th via Géographie Recs. Recorded in Seattle (USA) with Dylan Wall (So Pitted, Weed, Craft Spells,…).

The video is directed by Diane Sagnier & Lucas Lecacheur, starring Walter Shnorkell, cult french actor.

Starring cult actor from the french avant-garde Walter Shnorkell, this video embodies the raging ennui that fueled the band’s inspiration for this record. Never nostalgic, but confidently timeless, and hungry for change, Walters charismatic personna allegorizes the juvenile pulse that will perpetually push this band.

Dance Music has a metamodern intention, encapsulating an 80s new wave tinted approach allied with urgent Post-Punk, feedback-pilled production, portraying the “blasé” apocalyptic sound that defines their new record, Eternal Life Now coming out February 24th via Géographie Recs.

The constant Full Chorus on top of a distorted bass, along with a martyrized snare and guitar riff plucked with the thunderbolts of Zeus present the restless trio of the Bad Pelicans as a V12 powered machine blazing full throttle in the the night with condemned break pedals.

Redirecting the Svrf Pvnk from their first records towards a savage, menacing avant-garde artrock, the band decided to ditch all the codes and protocoles of the punk scene where they grew and revives the flame of Nirvana’s “Bleach” with their new record “Eternal Life Now” recorded in Seattle with Dylan Wall, coming out February 24th 2023 on Géographie Recs.

The radical nihilism of the Bad Pelicans, exposed live through (literally) incinerating performances, apparently isn’t the band’s only tour de force. From underneath the rumbling detonations and layers of feedback emerges a sincere display of delicacy and true songwriting talent.





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