Tungz Shared New Single & Video

Photo by Jody Evans

Psych-pop quartet Tungz are setting off the new year with a bang, returning with funky new single ‘Is Cory Okay?’. The new track adds to a series of lead singles that are paving the way for the release of their debut album ‘A Good Dream’ on 17th February 2023, both through Heist or Hit.

‘Is Cory Okay?’ draws on the bands classic 80s-inspired alt-pop sound, reflecting on the notion of emotions being mirrored back at you and ultimately coming to the realisation that maybe you’re not as ‘okay’ as you initially thought. The groovy track is reminiscent of an 80’s dance-pop song, consisting of a punchy bass guitar and a bright, uptempo melody to match.

Speaking on the single, Tungz said: “So who’s Cory anyway? Cory is anyone who’s had the realisation that they’re being worried about by the people around them. Sure, anybody that has people who worry about them is lucky in a way. But those people can also act like a mirror for your emotions (or maybe even a magnifying glass…) And when you think of yourself as someone who’s generally doing pretty okay it can be a bit spooky to see what they’re reflecting back at you. That spookiness was the driving force behind this song.”

“So if you feel like you might be Cory right now, just know that we care about you and we love you – but we’re not worried about you. Because we know you’re gonna be just great.”

The accompanying music video for ‘Is Cory Okay?’, directed by Cameron Nicoll, sees the Bristol and London-based outfit partaking in a full-fledged choreographed dance routine (Molly Barton). At first, the video shows band member Jamie performing the dance routine to his fellow members alone, before we see at the very end of the video the whole band getting involved and showcasing the dance. Dubbed a ‘vulnerable Jamie song’ by the band themselves, the music video demonstrates the exposed nature of the single.

Jamie said regarding the video: “This was an idea that basically filled me with anxiety from inception through to delivery, despite the support of beautiful friends and collaborators Director Cameron Nicoll and Choreographer Molly Barton. The last time we put out a vulnerable Jamie song we expressed that vulnerability through the medium of bridges. The vulnerability has been taken up a notch, so we needed a new medium. And what could be more vulnerability-inducing than attempting a full scale dance video as absolute non-dancers? We can now confirm: nothing on earth could be more vulnerability-inducing. (Lord knows what we’ll do next time we release something vulnerable but it’ll probably have to involve crying and nakedness).”

With influences drawing from 80s synth funk, Jai Paul, ABBA and beyond, Tungz are quickly making a name for themselves as one of the UK’s most vibrant emerging acts. The group emanates an enigmatic swagger with every self-produced effort they put out, with this single and video not deviating from said norm and acting as harbingers of a widespread takeover in 2023.

‘A Good Dream’ will be released on 17th February 2023, both via Heist or Hit.






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