Not Scientists

Not Scientists Released New Video Single “Rattlesnake”

Not Scientists
Photo courtesy of the band.

NOT SCIENTISTS presents a new video single called Rattlesnake from the new album Staring At The Sun, due for release on February 3rd via Kidnap Music & Rookie Records.

The band said about the song: “Rattlesnake is about toxic relationships, how words can poison your thoughts and actions like venom to a point where the worst is brought out of you and you don’t recognize yourself anymore.”

Four years after “Golden Staples” the French are set to release their third album, this time as a cooperation between Kicking Records, Kidnap Music, and Rookie Records.

“Staring at the Sun” is an ode to new wave tunes, a homage to The Cure and Killing Joke, the cornerstone of a band cruising the highway of unpredictability at breakneck speed. “Like Gods We Feast” or “Secrets” sums up the fantastic change of gears: the addition of loops and synths, the persistence of a resilient bass/drums combo, an abundance of crystalline and powerful guitars, a slew of haunting vocals.

These guys know how to write good songs, that’s a fact. And they also know how to play them. But above all, they know how to give them soul, combining the power of sounds with the immediacy of refined lyrics. The lyrics with clear and powerful images dealing with radical themes such as failure, loneliness, isolation, or mental illness. An everyday life that is anything but easy, with a message of hope.

When asked if this album could be the perfect mix of the first two albums, Ed Scientist disagrees: “I wouldn’t say that. I consider Staring at the Sun to be a real evolution of our style. With the help of (producer) Santi, who pulled off a real feat, we dared things we’d never tried before”.





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