mUmbo - Rollin' Over

mUmbo – Rollin’ Over

After the critically acclaimed debut full-length I Fly With Swallows, and a series of singles like Right Here On The Ground, Swing My Hip, and Don’t Even Mind The Rain, London-based trio mUmbo returns with another exceptional composition that will unquestionably appeal to all the fans of an indie rock sound. Rollin’ Over is their fourth single this year and an appropriate continuation of their previous works. Perhaps mUmbo almost solely rely on the fundamentals of indie rock, but Rollin’ Over resonates with many other qualities borrowed from several complementary music genres. You’ll hear some of the finest properties of indie pop, power pop, alternative, soft rock and lo fi combined to the perfection.


It’s safe to say that mUmbo consists of profoundly talented and experienced musicians who shaped their sonic direction with previous works. However, it seems they went even further with Rollin’ Over. It’s nearly mindblowing how many sonic delicacies this band stacked into a singular track. You’ll notice divine vocal parts performed with so much sense of harmony and balance. The vocal performance carries at least 50% of Rollin’ Over, while the calm but complex orchestrations represent the other half. Each instrument included in this terriffic sonic equation provides a nearly cathartic listening experience that will force you to repeat this composition over again. Besides delicate chord progressions and warm sounding basslines, you’ll also notice moderate rhythmic sequences that define the pace of Rollin’ Over. Each musician offers a flawless performance that shapes a beautiful ambiance suitable for any mood, moment or the occasion. There’s no doubt this track will end up on your indie playlist. Rollin’ Over is available on all streaming platforms.





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