Zombies No - The Big Reset CD

Zombies No – The Big Reset CD

Zombies No - The Big Reset CD

Here’s some more melodic punk rock music at the end of this year. This album arrived at our headquarters yesterday, and I was excited about writing about it. Of course, Zombies No are not a strangers to these pages, and I have had a chance to write about their recordings and post some news before. The Big Reset is their latest full-length material, released a couple of months ago. However, I’ve heard a vinyl version is in the works, and it will be published soon via Soundspeed Records, Dr. Skap Records, Goldmine Records, and 20 Chords Records. The Big Reset is their fifth release so far, and the group previously released Encarando La Muerte EP, La Única Culpa Que Tengo, Divided We Fall, and All You Can Hate EP. Considering their first EP was out in 2011, it’s safe to say that Zombies No keep their activities as prolific as possible, and bands with a tireless working ethic like this are a rarity nowadays.

Of course, after all these recordings released within a decade, it’s more than clear that Zombies No show signs of progress. The Big Reset sounds superb from scratch to finish, and with twelve dynamic skatepunk tracks drenched into luxurious servings of melodic punk rock, you will easily place this album as one of your favorite recordings this year. Zombies No sound better than ever with all these brilliant ideas and exceptional musicianship included within every song. They paid so much attention while assembling these compositions, and you’ll notice how each track carries cleverly combined arrangements showcased through catchy themes, melodies, harmonies, chord progressions, and riffs. Of course, the rhythm section sounds flawless as well. You’ll hear warm-sounding basslines punching right beneath the layers of perfectly distorted guitars.

The profoundly dynamic drumming performance holds the remainder of the group with thoughtfully assembled rhythmic sequences. The drummer decorates these beats with many accentuations, enhancements, fills, and other percussive acrobatics. Another significant element in this whole sonic equation is the lead vocalist. His vocal harmonies decorate these numbers even more, and I adore how his singing style fits here. The Big Reset is enormously melodic, catchy, and ear appealing. However, it is also aggressive, heavy, and energetic. Zombies No properly balanced this record to fit any mood you’re in at the moment. You can purchase The Big Reset on CD directly from the band. Don’t miss it!





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