Ranked: Pennywise Albums Ranked From Worst To Best

Ranked: Pennywise Albums Ranked From Worst To Best

Ranked: Pennywise Albums Ranked From Worst To Best

Pennywise is among those bands who paved the way for many contemporary melodic punk rock groups. Their impressive discography carries twelve excellent albums, but as usually is the case, some are better than others. Therefore, we ranked their albums from worst to best. Enjoy!


After the departure of Jim Linberg from the band, Pennywise decided to record an album with Zoli Teglas (formerly of Ignite). Of course, Zoli performed these songs like a pro, but somehow All Or Nothing doesn’t sound like a Pennywise album at all.

Highlights: All Or Nothing, Revolution, Let Us Hear Your Voice, Seeing Red, Songs Of Sorrow, We Have It All, Tomorrow, United, We Are The Fallen, and Locked In.

Pennywise - Reason To Believe


Reason To Believe is probably the weakest Pennywise album, and it’s not due to the lack of ideas but due to their change in sonic direction. It gives you the hints of a Pennywise album, but it sounds so different compared to the remainder of their discography.

Highlights: Faith And Hope, Something To Live For, All We Need, Nothing To Lose, and It are Not Enough To Believe.


Yesterdays compiles previously unreleased tracks with exception of No Way Out and Slowdown. These compositions appeared at A World From A Wise and Unknown Road. It’s a decent collection with many highlights included along the way.

Highlights: What You Deserve, Restless Time, Violence Never Ending, Am Oi, Thanksgiving, Slowdown, Public Defender, No Way Out, and I Can Remember.

Pennywise - Yesterdays
Pennywise - The Fuse


The Fuse continued with the same energy and ambiance as From The Ashes. Still, the production was undoubtedly weaker compared to their older recordings. Thankfully, Pennywise sounds good without a top-notch production, so many tracks on this one deserve your attention.

Highlights: Knocked Down, Yell Out, Take A Look Around, Disconnect, and Premediated Murder.


An appropriate follow-up to Land Of The Free, this particular album cemented their spot among heavyweights of the genre. Although it’s slightly weaker than its predecessor, From The Ashes still offers many good tracks worth repeating.

Highlights: Now I Know, God Save The USA, Something To Change, Waiting, Salvation, Look Who You Are, Yesterdays, and Change My Mind.

Pennywise - From The Ashes
Pennywise - Never Gonna Die


Never Gonna Die deserves a top-five spot for sure, but Pennywise is one of those bands where the tiniest details change decisions. To be honest, a renowned band like this has many good albums in its catalog, so there’s no wonder that Never Gonna Die ended somewhere in the middle of this list. All in all, it’s one of their best works in the last two decades and undoubtedly a pleasant surprise for all Pennywise fans.

Highlights: Never Gonna Die, American Lies, Keep Moving On, Live While You Can, We Set Fire, She Said, Can’t Be Ignored, Won’t Give Up A Fight, Can’t Save You Now, Listen, and Something New.


Pennywise went even more feral on this one. Compared to the dynamics and diverse sound of Straight Ahead, Land Of The Free sounded like a pure hardcore album. The production at the time did its job, so these songs burst with much more aggression, heaviness, and power than their preceding works.

Highlights: Time Marches On, Land Of The Free, Fuck Authority, Something Wrong With Me, My God, Who’s On Your Side, It’s Up To You, WTO, and Anyone Listening.

Pennywise - Land Of The Free?
Pennywise - Unknown Road


I thought a lot about switching places with About Time and putting this one in fourth place. The overture of Unknown Road and Homesick worth as much as someone’s entire discography. Although this is their second full-length release, Pennywise showcased progress in terms of songwriting, arranging, and delivering their songs.

Highlights: Unknown Road, Homesick, It’s Up To Me, You Can Demand, Nothing, Vices, City Is Burning, Dying To Know, Tester, Try To Conform, Give And Get.


Considered by many as the best Pennywise album, About Time carries some of their greatest hits, interesting experimentations with singing technics on a couple of tracks, and catchy arrangements that bought the attention of many punk rockers back then. It’s unquestionably one of their best works, but still, it’s in fourth place on our list.

Highlights: Peaceful Day, Waste Of Time, Perfect People, Every Single Day, Not Far Away, Try, Same Old Stories, I Won’t Have It, and Killing Time.

Pennywise - About Time
Pennywise - Full Circle


The fourth album delivers faster and more aggressive melodic hardcore punk songs compared to the slightly mellow and moderate ambiance of Unknown Road and About Time. It’s not like they slowed down on those albums, but Full Circle sounded closer to something Pennywise would record during their humble beginnings.

Highlights: Fight Till You Die, Date With Destiny, Get A Life, Society, Broken, Running Out Of Time, You’ll Never Make It, Every Time, Nowhere Fast, What If I, Go Away, and Did You Really?


A debut album by these legendary Huntington Beach melodic punk rockers counts as one of the best records they ever made. You’ll find many tracks that are staples in their setlists even today, over three decades since the initial release.

Highlights: Wouldn’t Be Nice, Rules, Living For Today, Come Out Fighting, Homeless, Open Door, Pennywise, Who’s To Blame, Fun And Games, Side One, No Reason Why, Bro Hymn, and Psycho 89.

Pennywise - Straight Ahead


Straight Ahead became an instant classic among true Pennywise fans, but also a tipping point where the band switched from old school towards a slightly modern melodic hardcore punk sound. This album consists of some of the best compositions Pennywise ever made, and you’ll have many difficulties finding any weak spots here.

Highlights: Greed, My Own Country, Can’t Believe It, Might Be A Dream, Still Can Be Great, Straight Ahead, One Voice, Alien, Watch Me As I Fall, Can’t Take It Anymore, Need More, and Never know.






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