Anton Sconosciuto - Day Of Sun

Anton Sconosciuto Released New Single “Day Of Sun”; Watch The Rooftop Live Session

Anton Sconosciuto - Day Of Sun

Day of sun”, a shy but bright sunbeam in a winter sky, is Anton Sconosciuto‘s new single. With unexpected light, it gifts us with a new perspective and new possibilities, paralizing us in indecision at the same time. 

The song was inspired by a period lived by the Italian artist in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and by the overwhelming feeling created by seeing and feeling sunshine after many months lived in a harsh climate. The vast range of activities that we have in front of us all of the time can sadly bring us to indecision and to complete stillness, that in this case brought the artist to lose his capability to enjoy that day of sun he craved for a long time. A song against FOMO, that often makes us lose track of the best chances to take, because of a ‘possibility overdose’, to try and live every day with more spontaneity and lightness.

Anton Sconosciuto, active with various projects between jazz and experimentation and as drummer for KOKOAdult Matters and Vera di Lecce, insert a mix of delicate rythmic puzzles and dreamy synths are still present in “Day of Sun” with the addition of the welcoming sounds of the Mellotron and acoustic cellos. The song is almost evolving with mantric repetition, escorting the listener in a journey inside of a constant loop through doubt, that finally resolves to a breaking point.

As for his debut single, “To Meet You“, this song was also recorded mostly in a home recording setting, with a nomad feeling: it was partly recorded in Anton’s home and partly in the homes of his bandmates, and finally mixed and mastered on tape. The two pieces will be included in the artist’s debut album, a piece of work which was composed and recorded during a never ending trip in a world where travelling seemed impossible for a long period of time. An Album which still doesn’t have a name and should be out in the spring of 2023.





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