The Vacant Shapes - Ghost Of Sunflowers

The Vacant Shapes – Ghost Of Sunflowers

The Vacant Shapes - Ghost Of Sunflowers

The Vacant Shapes launched their series of singles and EPs in 2017, and over the years, they shaped their sound to perfection. The latest song is more than solid proof of my statement. Ghosts Of Sunflowers is the third single this year that bursts with everything you dearly love about post-punk, shoegaze, dream pop, indie, and alternative music. You’ll hear how renowned names in these genres inspired The Vacant Shapes to write, compose, and produce such an outstanding composition. However, you’ll still notice how Ghost Of Sunflowers somehow defines everything you know about their music. It’s a win-win situation because you’ll love this track in one way or another.

The Vacant Shapes
Photo by Ray Lynch III

Ghost Of Sunflowers continuously levitates between retro and contemporary sound, but after all, it sounds like something only The Vacant Shapes would record. The slightly reverby chord progressions perfectly match echoic, calm, soothing, cathartic vocal harmonies, while the well-articulated basslines fulfill the ambiance with more than necessary low-end tones. The moderate rhythmic sequences define the dynamics of this number, and they shine bright in the mix during the choruses. Everything perfectly fits in the wondrous sonic equation called Ghosts Of Sunflowers, which will appeal to anyone who loves calm, but energetic post-punk-infused indie songs. The single is available on all streaming platforms.





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