Shark Bait

Shark Bait Released New Single “Smile & Wave”

Shark Bait

The much-awaited new song from Shark Bait, “Smile & Wave” is out now. It’s a fast-paced, powerful pop-punk anthem about The Hometown, the genre’s archrival, and the friends that make it bearable, as well as the desire to see the world albeit on a shoestring budget. 

Smile & Wave is the second in a series of singles that will be released over the next eight months, so now is a perfect moment for new fans to get into Shark Bait, and it’s never been better for the veterans. 

Smile & Wave was recorded in our home away from home, Foxhound Studio, with Mike Bennett, where our ‘Bare Necessities’ E.P, ‘Better Late Than Never’ single, and the majority of our previous releases have been produced and recorded.

Thanks for spending the time to find out more about our upcoming release ‘Smile & Wave’
The full song is available for you to listen to below, we hope it’s something that you enjoy! 

Shark Bait are four South Yorkshire lads who have been splashing around the UK Pop-Punk scene for a few years now, making a few sizable waves along the way with previous singles like ‘Please Guy’ and ‘Better Late Than Never’ and becoming a bigger blip on the radar with each release, continuously proving their worth and pushing boundaries within the scene, gaining a dedicated and eager fan base that continues to grow. Shark Bait fit neatly into the domain of Pop-Punk; however, the members’ diverse inspirations never fail to sway the feel of each song into a much more difficult to define sound. 

Shark Bait have been busy playing shows up and down the length of the UK, supporting notable artists such as Such Gold & As December Falls and are currently set to release their next single ‘Smile & Wave’ on the 25th of November, being swiftly followed by another new single. 

With no intentions to slow down with composing, recording, and releasing new music for the remainder of 2022, and well into 2023, now is a fantastic time to catch up on Shark Bait and keep an eye on what’s to come!





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