Slow Down Sonic

Slow Down Sonic Released New Single “Merry Go Round”

Slow Down Sonic

Tassie punk rock trio Slow Down Sonic aren’t slowing down with their follow up single release of ‘Merry Go Round’ hitting in all the right places… 

Gaining inspiration from our ever self absorbed and social media addicted society, Slow Down Sonic bring to us “Merry Go Round” a heavier, catchier and down right

better-than-anything-they’ve-done-before track that is sure to evoke images of wild mosh pits, sticky floors, and early 2000’s punk nostalgia. 

The lyrical content gives a nod to responsibility vs. self indulgence and the never ending cycle of wants vs. needs. Songwriter and vocalist Alex Wadley explains ‘As a father of two boys and a family man, life is very different to what it once was. Transitioning from a life once known to our current reality as a family is definitely still a process, but together we’re getting there’. 

‘The song was written instrumentally at first with the central idea for the chorus vocals popping into my head and then evolving from there’. 

‘There’s no real thought process to how a song is created, it’s just pick up a guitar, play, and see what happens. Sometimes I’ll try different tunings to spark inspiration, and in this case it is mainly in standard with the A string tuned up to add a different element’. 

‘Merry Go Round’ features new drummer Daniel Burling on drums and it’s easy to see his influence on the track with the trademark energy from their debut EP ‘Depths’ displayed tenfold in this punchy release. Produced and mixed by local talent Douglas Briton and mastered by Grammy Award Winning engineer William Bowden (King Willy Sound) ‘Merry Go Round’ is out Thursday the 24th of June and is the first in a fresh batch of new singles that will form the guts of the trio’s second EP ‘Heights’ (release date TBC).





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