True Body

Premiere: True Body Stream “Temple Of Song” EP

True Body

COMMUNIQUE: TRUE BODY 2022 <current approximate location(s): NYC & RICHMOND, VIRGINIA> [names of various ‘members’: IVY 3, HECTOR CASTRO, NATHAN BYRUM, KEVIN PAINTER, DANNY SHYTI] “Witnessing the state of Western Civilization upon touching down in ’22 does not illicit much surprise. Of course this house of cards buckles under the weight of its own architecture. We are resolved to endure the waves of destruction and renewal. You will hear our songs echo through blacked-out cities, our voices rise over the embers of burning land and body, our rhythms pulsing from the secret corners of virtual landscapes. Beyond the End of the World.”

Enigmatic and fugitive, the outfit is near impossible to investigate thoroughly, though we have been able to approximate their origin point as the year 2015. The location is Hampton Roads, Virginia. Home to massive shipyards, multiple military installations (including the 305 psyop division), Norfolk, and various megachurches, this area is rife with shifting information landscapes and industrial sound. From here, the timeline becomes obtuse. After years of honing their command of stage and sound up and down the east coast, True Body are joined by a rhythm guitarist (CASTRO)  and a new drummer (SHYTI). They land a national tour supporting GosT (2021-2022). The post-quarantine journey pushes them to their limits. Harsh country. Cataclysmic weather. Seedy clubs. This invigorates their live shows, now more pummeling and powerful than ever. As the tour comes to an end, they split off into branches. Half embedded in the dense metropolis of New York City, half still haunting the alleyways of Richmond, VA, their reach is growing as they are tested time and time again. Environment shapes energy. True Body’s detailed wall of sound is as sturdy as it is delicate, a reflection of the intricacies and overstimulation of global culture shifts and synthetic substances. This is also a sign of the care and discipline that they bring to their collective vision. True Body often appear monastic with their long form labor-of-love attitude towards their craft. Each tiny fiber of their vast sonic tapestries is arranged with focused hands, passionate precision. 

This Fall will see the release of the first recorded material by True Body in its current form, yet revealed. True Body is slated to hit the road once again in November.





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