NH3 Celebrate 20th Anniversary With A Tour


NH3 announce new tour dates to celebrate the band’s 20 years on the road!

Since their beginnings, one of the goals of the Pesaro-based band has been to take their music everywhere and offer engaging and energetic live shows.

The many fans gained in Europe are proof that this band has succeeded. Two decades on the road is not for everyone and the guys want to celebrate this important milestone together with the audience and friends they met on and off the stage.

NH3 announce a new tour, a series of shows for one year will take them on the stages of all Europe.
But any birthday deserves a cake worthy of a celebration. So NH3 are also announcing the release of an incredible new single, produced in the studio with the collaboration of Simo Perini, a musician involved for years in numerous punk projects overseas such as This is A Standoff, Guttermouth and Bloody Beetroots, among many others.

The band comments: “The tour, which will hit Germany’s major cities and historic clubs, is to celebrate our 20 years as a band. Therefore, we will not only perform the single and songs from the latest album “Superhero,” but through a vibrant and engaging show we will also replay old hits from the recent past.”

XX YEARS TOUR is in collaboration with Make a Dream and Spider Promotion.
Here are the dates.

9 December – SONIC BALLROOM – Cologne (Germany)

10 December – STRUWELPETERS – Kronach (Germany)

27 January – ALTE HACKEREI – Karlsruhe (Germany)

28 January – BLAUES PFERD FESTIVAL – Bern (Switzerland)

10 February – KREATIVFABRIK – Wiesbaden (Germany)

11 February – CAFE TAKTLO – Glachau (Germany)

3 March – HAFENKLANG – Hamburg (Germany)

4 March – CLASH – Berlin (Germany)

24 March – LUX – Hannover (Germany)

25 March – DRUCKLUFT – Oberhausen (Germany)

28 April – KOPF & KRAGEN – Fürth (Germany)

29 April – ROCKSHICHT – Viersen (Germany)





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