Kepi Ghoulie Announces New LP “Full Moon Forever;” To Reissue Groovie Ghoulies “World Contact Day”

Kepi Ghoulie

KEPI GHOULIE, the punk troubadour who is also known as the frontman of GROOVIE GHOULIES, has announced a new LP called “Full Moon Forever.” Additionally, with the announcement of “Full Moon Forever,” Pirates Press Records will be reissuing Groovie Ghoulies’ “World Contact Day.”

“Full Moon Forever” is a covers record which will have the track listing revealed at a later date. “It was fun and our goal was to serve the song, and hopefully deliver some of the deeper cuts to a new or younger audience.” The album will be available in early January.

To completement the release of “Full Moon Forever,” Pirates Press Records will reissue the Groovie Ghoulies record “World Contact Day.” This foundational album for Kepi, originally released in 1996, has been out of print for years and fans around the globe have been clamoring for a repress.

With the announce of Kepi Ghoulie joining the Pirates Press Records, a big plan was immediately devised. While Kepi has several albums waiting to be released, the label will also be reissuing records from both Groovie Ghoulies and Kepi’s back catalog.

“I am STOKED with the love and support of Pirates Press Records and constantly in a state of semi-belief about how fast and enthusiastically things are going! I have been at this for years and the kickstart/jumpstart/push from this crew, it feels like I am just getting started, and I AM!” states Kepi.

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