Der Stand - Der Stand

Der Stand Released Alexia 5 PM; Self-Titled Debut Album Out November 26th

Der Stand - Der Stand

Alexia 5 P.M. is the first single off the debut album by Parisian post-punk project Der Stand which will be released on November 26, 2022. Alexia, 5 P.M. is a raw, energetic, industrial song with a touch of ’80s Dark wave.

Der Stand, the debut album of the electro dark synthwave project Der Stand, is a dreamlike underground journey through different influences and styles. Der Stand is an album that combines multiple influences: ambient, electronic, industrial, post punk, dark wave of the 80s, with a touch of techno and disco.

It is an album with an underground atmosphere, predominantly nocturnal and urban. The songs follow each other by contrast or analogy, evoking sensations such as fear, loneliness, disorientation, but also desire, sensuality, and the desire for harmony. Der Stand recomposes contradictions in a collage of multiple genres and emotional shades.





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