The Dickies - Blink-183 7"

The Dickies Release Blink-183 7″

The Dickies - Blink-183 7"

Fresh from their release of “A Gary Glitter Getaway,” the catchy, hook-filled single launched at the beginning of this year, as well as a reinvigorated reissue of the 1983 album Stukas Over Disneyland, punk rock veterans The Dickies are back at it again. This time they’ve reached deep into their bag of tricks and came out with two unreleased gems recorded over two decades ago and never heard…until now!

The A-side, “Blink-183,” is a rollicking ride that offers everything fans of the newly-reunited Blink-182 could want…and just a bit more! As band founder and guitarist Stan Lee explains, the track was originally recorded for a Fat Records compilation, however “Fat Mike hated it. He said ‘why did you write a song about Blink-182?’ I said ‘We didn’t – it’s about Blink-183’ and he just didn’t get it, so it’s been buried on [former Dickies bassist] Rick Dasher’s computer until now.” The B-side, “Clean Money,” on the other hand, was intended for the 2001 album All This And Puppet Stew but didn’t make the cut. So the boys decided to release both songs on 7” vinyl as well as on digital. 





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