Castle Rat

Premiere: Castle Rat Share New Single “Feed The Dream”

Castle Rat
Photo by Javier Vela

Today, Brooklyn, NY-based Medieval Fantasy Doom Metal band Castle Rat (est. October 2019) share a brand new single, “Feed The Dream,” the first in a series of new tracks set to come out in the next few months.

“Feed The Dream” was recorded in a 150-year-old abandoned church at a secret location in Philadelphia, PA. The single was produced and engineered by Davis M. Shubs (Grave Bathers) with Thomas Johnsen (Thantophobe). The mixing process was entrusted to the wise and wizardly hands of Rafferty Jennings Swink (Evolfo) in Brooklyn, NY, and mastered by JJ Golden of Golden Mastering in Ventura, CA. 

As Riley Pinkerton (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) wrote of their newest single: “‘Feed The Dream’ was written in isolation. It’s the longing for the closeness of a creature that does not exist in the physical realm. It’s the act of turning a fantasy over and over in one’s mind until its very existence becomes a lustrous pearl of questions that need not be answered.”

Castle Rat is additionally joining Evolfo, Wine Lips, and Joudy for a Halloween Bash, entitled The Great Rat Summoning, taking place tomorrow (October 28) at The Sultan Room in NYC. Find tickets and more information HERE.

Castle Rat · 02 Feed The Dream (Mastered)

Castle Rat is a Medieval Fantasy Doom Metal band hailing from Brooklyn, NY, and led by Riley Pinkerton — ‘The Rat Queen’ on rhythm guitar and lead vocals. On her mission to expand and defend ‘The Realm’ from those who seek to destroy it, The Rat Queen is joined by Henry Black — ‘The Count’ on lead guitar and backing vocals, Ronnie Lanzilotta — ‘The Plague Doctor’ on bass, and Joshua Strmic — ‘The Druid’ on drums. Together, they face the relentless wrath of their arch nemesis: Death Herself — ‘The Rat Reaperess.’

Along their journey, Castle Rat has played in support of Monolord (SE), Firebreather (SE), Stonefield (AU), and Tower (NYC), with plans to set forth the release of a few new powerful singles into the natural world. Since the band’s pre-plague inception in October 2019, Castle Rat has forged a sonic experience and manifested a live performance to satisfy those who crave battle-babes & beasts; swords & sorcery; Stoner & Doom; Frazetta & Sabbath.





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