Mourning Noise - ...At The Seville 7"

Danzig/Samhain/Blak29 Member Steve Zing Revives His Early ‘80s Horror Punk Project Mourning Noise With New Studio Recordings

Mourning Noise - ...At The Seville 7"

It appears that the demise of Mourning Noise, the underground ‘80s punk rock sensation founded by Steve Zing, may have been a bit exaggerated. Zing, best known as the drummer for Samhain and the bassist for Danzig as well as bassist for Son of Sam and helming the forthcoming Blak29 project, recently reissued Mourning Noise’s complete recorded discography earlier this year, and now most of the band’s original line-up has returned for a new set of recordings!

In addition to Zing, the At The Seville EP was recorded with original MN bassist Chris Morance, original lead guitarist Tommy Koprowski PLUS vocalist Robby Bloodshed and Jonny Noise on additional guitars! Zing, Koprowski, Morance and Bloodshed wrote four brand new tracks that carry on the sinister attitude and macabre energy of Mourning Noise’s ‘80s recordings. 

Zing had this to say about the release, “This isn’t your parents Mourning Noise! This is Mourning Noise for the masses! What the four of us have created is a culmination of all of our upbringings on punk and beyond!”

Order the 7” HERE





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