Premiere: Laraigné Share Video For Father & Son

Photo by Martin Blondeau

We’re privileged to premiere Father & Son, a brand new video by Laraigné. The song includes guest appearances of Paul Ramirez (drums) and Chris Cresswell (vocals), both from The Flatliners.

Not long after my father passed away, I found myself in a deep period of reflecting. His abrupt death uncovered so many questions. Now, only I could try to understand his path and our relationship with whatever memories were left.

I wrote this song effortlessly, thinking of where we both misunderstood each other. I let the pen flow on the white pages, starting from as far back as I could remember. The words just made their way out, easily appearing in my notebook. I could try to give more details but I believe the lyrics are transparent enough to explain.

I also realize while playing it live that it touches way more people than I thought it would. It is so personal – you know – but somehow it seems to feel quite universal. 

The video was captured during my live performance at Pouzza Fest in Montréal in May 2022.

It is a very different version from the record. Fingerpicking, with a bit of a feely vibe.

Recorded in January 2020 at Genesis Sound Inc in Toronto.
Produced by Eamon McGrath
Engeneered by Matt Snell 
With very special guests: Paul Ramirez (Drums) and Chris Cresswell (Vocals) both from The Flatliners

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