Ex-Vöid – Bigger Than Before CD (Don Giovanni Records)

Ex-Vöid - Bigger Than Before CD - Don Giovanni Records

After the exceptional self-titled EP and a couple of singles, such as Boyfriend and Only One, Ex-Vöid returns with a debut full-length release named Bigger Than Before. I don’t know if this relates to the presented material but they returned bigger than before. This particular release unquestionably resonates with a pleasant atmosphere that will suit your listening apparatus, no matter if you’re into melodic punk rock, pop-punk, power pop, indie pop, or indie rock. Ex-Vöid thoroughly planned each sonic maneuver to satisfy even the pickiest listeners, and the quality is present from beginning to end. I immediately fell in love with their tunes, and Bigger Than Before is continuously spinning at our headquarters.

Bigger Than Before carries ten catchy compositions that levitate between many complementary music genres, so you’ll probably have difficulties grasping them all in only one listening. These numbers are highly addictive, and you won’t get bored by this album even after repetitious listening. Soundwise, Ex-Vöid nurture such a distinctive sound primarily based upon genres such as indie rock and punk rock. However, the abovementioned music genres undoubtedly also play a significant role in shaping their luxurious indie punk sound. Some ingredients borrowed from grunge, alternative, power pop, and indie pop define or shape the ambiance in the particular songs. Still, indie punk remains the primary direction of the band from scratch to finish.

I adore how the band thoroughly planned each composition. You’ll undoubtedly notice that Ex-Vöid paid a lot of attention while working on song structures. Each verse, chorus, segment, melody, harmony, singing part, singalong, back vocal, and accentuation is in the right place and at the right time. The guitars aren’t overly distorted, so you can hear each note, chord progression, and riff without being annoyed by fuzziness. However, this material may seem a bit abrasive to some listeners, and the band probably did that purposely. It perfectly suits the harmonious singalongs and melodic aspect of the entire album. Still, the transformation from a power pop-infused indie band to a more feral punk rock beast is one of the Ex-Vöid’s heaviest weapons in the arsenal. Don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some moments where the band resembles something classic US or UK punk rock bands would record during their careers. You need to check out Bigger Than Before to comprehend its brilliance. Head to Don Giovanni Records for more information about ordering.

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