D Bloc – Do Not Cross EP CD (Unbeaten Records)

D Bloc - Do Not Cross EP CD - Unbeaten Records

Here are some fresh sounds for those into heavier music. I wasn’t familiar with this band until this compact disc arrived on my doorstep. However, after a couple of spinnings, I had the impression that I’d listened to this band for years. Their heavy-hitting hardcore quickly gets under the skin, and some of those riffs are enormously catchy. After googling around, I learned D Bloc is a hardcore quartet from Detroit, Michigan. Do Not Cross is their latest material, and previously the band released Destroy Intimidate Eliminate EP in 2021. D Bloc and Unbeaten Records heavily promoted this material with Do Not Cross and Yin-Yang, two introductory singles that perfectly showcase what you might expect from the entire EP.

Do Not Cross carries five brand new compositions capable of wrecking all the bones in your body. These tracks serve as bone-crushing machinery capable of tearing everything in the broader radius, and you’ll immediately notice D Bloc don’t joke around with their music. The band invested brilliant ideas and exceptional musicianship in each track, and I like how their sound keeps feral, aggressive, and energetic from scratch to finish. Each member plays a crucial part in shaping the sound of the entire EP, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised how this band thought out some segments of this material. The guitars burst with sheer aggression, heaviness, and tightness, and every song comes with a set of cleverly assembled riffs and guitar shreds.

Of course, nothing would sound so massive without equally hearable basslines that simultaneously serve as a binding element between guitars and the remainder of the rhythm section. The drummer provides an impressive arsenal based upon slow, complex, dynamic rhythmic sequences, accentuations delivered by continuous splashing over the cymbals, and clever drum fills. The lead vocalist adds even more aggression over the top with ferocious shoutouts that sometimes transform into even more powerful growls. Perhaps D Bloc solely rely upon thoughtfully assembled contemporary hardcore maneuvers, but you’ll unquestionably hear some properties of the 90s hardcore, early 00s beatdown, and metalcore music. These guys know how to construct catchy, dynamic, powerful hardcore songs worth checking out. Do Not Cross EP is available on compact disc. Head to Unbeaten Records for more information about ordering.

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