The Mendozaz

The Mendozaz Released Video For GTFO

The Mendozaz

The Mendozaz have released a new video “GTFO”. A sing-along earworm with lyrics that may or may not consist of vague plot summaries for a couple Danny Boyle movies (bonus points if you can guess which). The video features the wild, rotoscoped pop-art style of graphic designer and illustrator, Joseph Zambri

The Mendozaz formed in 2017 as a love-letter to the 90’s punk sound. Their carefree “anything goes as long as it’s fun” attitude made their debut album “Two Days To Retirement” a staple on punk playlists. The initial single “Last Call” was championed by Canadian radio legend and music historian Alan Cross, through his Twitter as part of his ‘Favourite New Song Of The Day’ regular feature.






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