Greyhaven – This Bright And Beautiful Moment CD (Equal Vision Records)

Greyhaven - This Bright And Beautiful Moment CD - Equal Vision Records

Louisville, Kentucky, quartet Greyhaven is back with another outstanding full-length release that will perfectly suit your ears, no matter if you’re into old-school or contemporary post-hardcore sound. After critically acclaimed Empty Black LP and a series of singles such as Echo And Dust Pt. 1, Blemish, Ten Dogs – Red Haven, and A Match Where Great Fire Should Be, the new material serves as a more than an appropriate continuation of their previous works. Still, it seems that This Bright And Beautiful World carries many innovations in Greyhaven’s writing, composing, recording, and producing approach. Greyhaven are continuously pushing boundaries of the genre forward until they reach the desired sound, which by all means, showcases the sheer brilliance and exceptional musicianship of all involved musicians.

This Bright And Beautiful World carries ten flawlessly executed post-hardcore numbers that will knock your socks off even after the first listening. The band and label heavily promoted this material with singles such as All Candy, Foreign Anchor, and Ornaments From The Well. These numbers serve more than an appropriate example of what you might expect from the entire material. However, as is usually the case, maybe the remainder of the material sounds even better. In A Room Where Everything Dies, A Painful And Necessary Action, More And More Actions, Of Snakes And Swans, Fed To The Lights, The Quiet Shakes, and And It’s Still Too Loud carry enough sonic delicacies to keep your ears occupied for a while. Don’t be surprised if This Bright And Beautiful World make you rethink your favorite album of the year because these guys are not joking around with their music. Quite the contrary, each composition demands your full attention, and you’ll probably need to listen to this material several times to grasp all the instrumentations included.

Perhaps Greyhaven uses post-hardcore as a starting point for their luxurious sound, but this band is not only about this particular music genre. You’ll stumble upon many other complementary genres that perfectly match their post-hardcore foundations. There are major or minor interruptions of only the best properties of mathcore, metalcore, hardcore, post-rock, indie, and emo, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some other ingredients along the way. Some readers might think this is way too many genres involved, but don’t worry, these guys know what they’re doing, and they’re doing it pretty damn well. I adore how this album transforms from ferocious mathcore moments into soothing, relaxing, atmospheric post-hardcore/post-rock segments with such ease, and without sounding odd. Each instrument delivers a top-notch performance through cleverly assembled guitar shreds, licks, weird scales, progressive themes, melodies, harmonies and riffs, thoughtfully arranged basslines, and mind-blowing rhythmic performance. The transitions from feral screams or more classic hardcore shout to entirely clean singing parts will blow your mind. This Bright And Beautiful World demands your full attention during the listening because it would be a shame to miss some of the impressive moments included in this superb post-hardcore album. Head to Equal Vision Records for more information about ordering.

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