Dumb Share New Single “Pull Me Up”

Photo by Marisa Kriangwiwat Holmes

Vancouver’s Dumb is today sharing their new single, “Pull Me Up”, which comes in tandem with word of the band’s forthcoming record, Pray 4 Tomorrow which is out via Mint Records (Tough Age, Heaven For Real) on November 11. The new album follows previous releases from the quartet that found support from Stereogum, Paste, Exclaim and more. “Pull Me Up” follows recent singles that are also lifted from the new album, the ska-inflected tracks, “Dropout/Sleep Like a Baby” which were released earlier this month.

Over the years Dumb’s songwriting has developed, and on Pray 4 Tomorrow their pop sensibilities manage to shine through the dissonant tones and syncopated rhythms borrowed from Yo La Tengo and Devo. The band holds variation and diversity dear to hear with the new record, at times expanding into the worlds of ska and at other times hardcore punk or G-C-D pop; drummer, Pipe Morelli occasionally sings in Spanish too.

“Pull Me Up” is a blend of all the things Dumb does best: rapid-fire lyrics, swelling guitar dissonance, and beautiful melodic basslines all over an interesting abstraction of the twelve-bar blues that we all know and love. Although it sounds like a pandemic anthem, with references to insurrection and loneliness, the band insists that the lyrics for this song were written pre-pandemic. Speaking about the track, Rossino says: “It seems that these days even some of our more intelligent friends find themselves trapped in loops of cyclic discourse, in an endless battle between other chronically-online walking encyclopedias fruitlessly attempting to force the truth into submission. The song “Pull Me Up” (a reference to “Pulled Up” by the Talking Heads) is all about reaching out to those friends who have been inside too long, their brains fried from a repetitive strain injury.”

Dumb had a classic start as a DIY outfit back in 2015, playing their first shows in the dining room of a tear-down in east Vancouver. The four band members, Franco Rossino, Shelby Vredik, Pipe Morelli, and Nick Short, were all part of a larger group of friends that jammed together. The new record comes self-recorded at Choms, a studio co-owned by Nick Short and Franco Rossino. Dumb has toured extensively in North America and Europe, played with Wolf Parade and Dilly Dally, and are known for their catchy punk rhythms, squealing guitar feedback, and strongly spoken lyrics.

You can pre-save Dumb’s Pray 4 Tomorrow here





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