Soul Ash

Sold Ash Release Video For Howl A Little Louder

Soul Ash

The third and final single from Sold Ash’s debut album, ‘Howl A Little Louder’  describes escaping a toxic presence, whilst attempting to stay sane and rejecting the narcissistic tendencies and manipulation as they attempt to take control. 

This eponymous track simultaneously envelops you in a maelstrom of chaos and catharsis. As the album’s theme emerges, ‘Howl A Little Louder’ is fierce and striking while building a deep well of energy through powerful drum rhythms and thundering guitars. 

Culminating in a fuzz freakout, the lyric “Howl a little louder, just don’t spit in my mouth” repeats, echoes, and drills into your head.  

Accompanied by a new music video directed & filmed by Liam Cockcroft, starring  Ruan Vos (Sold Ash) & Jade Butcher. Erratic and haunting, ‘Howl A Little Louder’ is richly layered with jarring but emphatic performances as its principal character is plagued through the streets. At times eerie and panicked, the video captures the distinct and severe effects of paranoia through shadowplay. Its final scene promises relief of sorts through action and self-determination.  

Howl A Little Louder is the third and final single from Sold Ash’s debut album ‘Howl A  Little Louder Just Don’t Spit In My Mouth’. The album is set for release on 26 August 2022. 






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