Sakura – Skin

Sakura - Skin
Photo by Hannah Mould

Here’s some soothing music as an overture for the relaxing weekend. Sakura unleashed an outstanding composition today. Skin is the seventh track in the row from the series of singles launched in 2019 and the first number this year. Sakura knows what music genres suit her excellent vocal abilities the most, so that’s the case with this composition. You’ll immediately notice her calmy voice that guides you to cleverly assembled soundscapes. Speaking of soundscapes, Skin has plenty of it. From hypnotic arpeggiated chord progressions drenched in a generous amount of reverb effect and fuzzy riffs that give more texture to this song to half-time beats where the kick and snare drum dominate, Sakura thought about every detail. With all these qualities, you’ll wonder what possibly could you demand more from a shoegaze artist. It’s a pure shoegazey masterpiece you never knew you needed this weekend.

Photo by Hannah Mould

Besides the sheer dominance of shoegaze sound, you may notice how other genres inspired this creative artist to write and compose such an outstanding song. You’ll stumble upon some properties of dream pop, bedroom pop, indie pop, drone, and ambient music. However, the shoegaze remains as her primary weapon of choice. All these ingredients define Sakura’s rich, dense, fuzzy, melodic, harmonious, soothing, and cathartic sound. I adore how she thought about every element, so everything is clearly hearable in the mix. You’ll hear every instrument, melody, harmony, chord progression, riff, and beat. This composition will undoubtfully end up on your playlist if you’re into shoegaze music. Skin is available on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss it.

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