CRYWOLVES Released Double Single And Video For Such A Pity

CRYWOLVES - Black Wine / Such A Pity

It all started early in 2020 in Cambridgeshire when four lads assembled to make music they love without wanting to kill each other. They were knocking new songs one after the other and gathering momentum. Within a couple of months they were starting to plan to take support slots at local venues. CRYWOLVES even released a couple of videos featuring their early material. 

However when the pandemic hit the UK it quickly became impossible to get together and finalise a setlist. At the same time any prospect of gigging in the foreseeable future was vanishing. To cut a long story short CRYWOLVES lost two members and went into hibernation.

But the worm was in the apple and the music was too good to be left in limbo so the remaining members decided to give it another go with a new drummer late into 2021.

To show that they still have it they decided to release new music and the recording started. In June 2022 the revived CRYWOLVES released their first official single and they will soon bring out material from before the hibernation.

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