Escuela Grind

Escuela Grind Release Video For Cliffhanger; Memory Theater LP Out September 30th On MNRK Heavy

Escuela Grind
Photo by Jonathan Vahid

Massachusett grinders Escuela Grind have announced a new album, Memory Theater, set for release on 30 September via the band’s new label home of MNRK Heavy. Pre-order Memory Theater now HERE

Produced by Converge guitarist/ God City producer Kurt Ballou, the album features nine tracks of sharp, scorching underground music that rage and rip in equal measure. Escuela Grind excel at stitching together a new metallic hardcore monster, borne from the rotten corpses of grind and power violence and littered with gleefully unhinged blasts of percussive bombast and chaos.

Ahead of the new album the band have released a video for their first pulverising single, ‘Cliffhanger, which encapsulates the kinetic energy of the group’s much talked about live performances.

“’Cliffhanger” is us branching out and including all of our influences into a heavy, danceable song. It’s a perfect representation of all the new things to expect from Escuela Grind,” says vocalist Katerina Economou. “The lyrics are about the people that try to play both sides of the fence, play devil’s advocate and drag you down with them. It’s about fighting crab mentality. This is just a taste of all the killer stuff coming on Memory Theater!”

Memory Theater, Escuela Grind‘s sophomore album, is seven minutes shorter than Slayer’s Reign in Blood, but with a few songs running past the three-minute mark, it’s downright epic by grindcore norms. Delivering on the promise of several split records, a handful of EPs (including GGRRIINNDDCCOORREE and PPOOWWEERRVVIIOOLLEENNCCEE, both released in 2020), and the full-length, Indoctrination, the nine songs on Memory Theater offer a near-psychedelic trip to the genre’s soul.






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