Blood Have Released Bye Bye EP


Philadelphia-based sextet, Blood have released their new Bye Bye EP  the new EP is out via Permanent Creeps Records. Blood is the first U.S.-signing to the London-based label which also plays home to tipped UK acts such as VLURE, Cheap Teeth and Guru (formerly Bdrrm and DITZ).

While too often artists in the punk world feel they must rely on the tones of irony, to make a jab at the oppressively dim-witted in society, the new single “Luck” is more method-acting. Blood get down into the caverns of the conspiracy-driven psyche and give the lines without the wink in order to portray stark reality rather than exchange pats on the back with a chorus of agreers.

Blood began as a solo project of current lead singer Tim O’Brien in the winter of 2017. After going through several lineup changes throughout 2018, the current lineup began making waves in the bijou punk scene of Austin. They were considered “a live staple in their own scene” and “one of Austin’s buzziest new acts.” After twice touring the United States, Blood was poised for a big 2020 when plans were ruined by the pandemic. They then self-released their debut EP, Why Wait Til’ 55, We Might Not Even Be Alive in 2020, in 2021 the sextet made a move to West Philadelphia and began recording their upcoming release, Bye Bye, while also playing shows throughout the northeastern United States. At this time, the group lives in a seven-bedroom house with a converted basement for recording and rehearsing.

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