Interview: Processor


Johan Isaksson is a Swedish electronic music producer known professionally as Processor. Since the debut album Insomnia (2004), Processor has released 13 albums by constantly evolving his sound. Processor also continuously levitates between music genres such as techno, metal, industrial, cinematic, synthwave, synthpop, alt-rock/pop, big beat, and breakbeat.

When did you realize that your project/band had the potential to be a career or long-lasting idea?

It was 1999 when a song that I made was aired on the Swedish national radio p3. It was a show called p3demo and was for unreleased music.

When did the first glimpses of your latest release come together?

I think it was around mid-May I think.

What really inspires your music?

People that I meet and/or just see from distance behaviors that are odd. Life itself.

Can you tell us a bit about the lyrical process for a song? How does it normally work?

I found it easier to go with keywords instead of full sentences In that way you can interpret in different ways as a listener. It often starts simple with a catchy line and then just tries to melt it down together in a feeling that almost always is sad…

What’s the most rewarding moment in your creative process as a band, and why?

The most satisfying is right at the start where there are no rules yet. In the middle and the end of the creative process, you get more and more restricted, and eventually you will get technical for the final mix.

Who produces your music, and what are they like to work with? (If you produce the music yourself, what do you love the most about working that way?)

I do everything. Nobody is telling me what to do that’s what I love about that. And I also hate it at the same time… You can’t do this all by yourself I think. I usually send stuff to people I trust to get that hard input of what’s going on in this mix.

What advice would you give to another upcoming band/act?

Be yourself trust your instincts do your thing and don’t let anybody stand in the way of your creative process.


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