MxPx Celebrate 30 Years


MxPx have posted the video celebrating their 30th anniversary. Mike Herrera also mentioned in the video that they are working on their ninth full-length album.

Here’s what Mike said in the video: “30 years! 30 years is special. Now, I try not to look backward too much. Still looking forwards, but I think it is important to know, I dunno just like stop and appreciate the little things along the way, and this is one of those things, you know, just still like celebrate our birthday today.

30 years ago today, July 6th, 1992. I can remember it like it was yesterday, but it’s today. 30 years ago we played our first show as MxPx, and it was in my parents’ backyard. It worked, it was great. It was a milestone and a huge milestone in my life. But we’re still moving forward, and we’re putting the finishing touches on our new album out. Album number 11, our best one yet. So we’re really excited to like finally kinda get this thing done and we’ll get back out there in the world. See you guys soon!”

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