Scary Hours To Release Symptoms Of Modern Hegemony On July 29th Via Pyrrhic Victory Recordings

Scary Hours - Symptoms Of Modern Hegemony

A menacing, crackling sample burns slow like the tinder that revolutions arebuilt on; a dissonant sonic explosion, and then a vehement onslaught of rhythmic indignation from a singer with a scorching predilection for social enlightenment: “Somebody taught you to hate your skin, somebody taught you to hate your lips, somebody taught you to hate yourself from within for the state that you’re in.” You’re about one minute into “Symptoms of Modern Hegemony,” the newest auditory upheaval from New Jersey’s Scary Hours, set for release on July 29th 2022 on Pyrrhic Victory Recordings.

Scary Hours

The album, recorded at singer/songwriter Ryan Struck’s home studio over the course of the last year, is rife with moments like this, as poignant as it is profound, as catchy as it is heavy. But the lyrical topics aren’t just of a political nature; the album also addresses personal issues like grief, addiction, and isolation with one consistent message for anyone anxious about the future, whether it’s personal or political: “We scream louder when we scream together.”

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