Eighteen Visions

Eighteen Visions Celebrate 20th Anniversary Of Vanity LP; Listen To Re-Recorded Version Of The Album

Eighteen Visions

Californian metalcore group Eighteen Visions are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their third full-length release named Vanity with a re-recorded version. Keith Barney, a guitar player for the group, engineered and mixed these new recordings while Will Putney (Every Time I Die, Body Count) mastered it. The band has decided to remove particular tracks, such as Gorgeous, Love In Autumn, and There is Always.

Here’s the official statement of the band: “In celebration and support of our Vanity 20 year anniversary tour, we decided to fuck around and re-record the album from the ground up, in the way we’ve always pictured them sounding. Each song completely re-tracked and dropped from B to A.

Vanity 2.0 is available now on Spotify (Apple fools and other streaming platforms are being wankers so should be up soon).

You can pre-order the limited Double LP that will feature both the new and original recordings along with some exclusive Merch that will only be available through our webstore.

Engineered and mixed, by our own Keith Barney and mastered with a pristine bow on top by Will Putney.

We hope you enjoy these new recordings as much as we do!”







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