Dagwood Release New Full-Length


In their decade long career, Dagwood has played bars and basements with many contemporary musicians that have gone on to be so much more successful than the have, such as Oso Oso, Little Big League (Japanese Breakfast), The World is a Beautiful Place…, Citizen, Turnover, and many more than they care to recount. However, all of that “lesser than” negative self-talk ends with Tommy K’s Video.

On Tommy K’s Video, Dagwood display the years they have spent developing their craft. Dagwood demonstrates their nimble punk proficiency as they romp through a range of styles and moods across these 11 tracks. The album broadly explicates on Dagwood’s favorite theme, wandering the ethereal post-suburban landscapes of late-capitalist America. These ideas are reinforced with the album’s title and cover art, a tribute to a long out-of-business local video rental chain.

Tommy K’s Video was recorded live at the band’s practice space by engineer Ryan Drozd. Tommy K’s Video was mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.

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