Cuffs – Cash Cow

Cuffs - Cash Cow

Bristol noisemakers Cuffs are back with another excellent track. After the critically acclaimed Watch Me Die, the band offers Cash Cow, a song about one of the biggest injustices that struck upon mankind for centuries. Cuffs criticize wealthy people for getting even richer on the backs of the poor. They address this issue not only locally but globally. Cash Cow has a purpose in forcing you to think about this issue. There are even more homeless and poor on the streets every day, relying on food banks to survive the day. As usual, the band deals with this topic by delivering nothing but brilliant ideas and clever musicianship distilled into a colossal slab of heavy, abrasive, energetic shouts, noises, and rhythmic maneuvers. The entire song bursts with anger, aggression, and power from beginning to end.

Photo by Mitchells Visuals

Perhaps noise rock and grunge are Cuffs‘ primary weapons of choice, but these guys unquestionably incorporated some other elements borrowed from complementary music genres. You’ll notice some ingredients such as post-hardcore, hardcore punk, and punk rock, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some other music genres. The thoughtfully assembled riffs carry enough fuzziness, dirtiness, and rawness to tear your listening apparatus. There are also vividly hearable low-end tones present in the mix that support all these aggressive maneuvers. Nothing would sound so dynamic, energetic, and powerful without a flawless drumming performance that simultaneously keeps the entire band in line. The vocalist did a tremendous job, and his performance provides another layer of aggression over the top. His shouts serve as a perfect catalyst in addressing all the abovementioned topics. As usual, Cuffs sound superb, and you’ll be surprised with the sheer amount of energy packed in just one track. Don’t miss this band if you’re looking for politically charged punk rock music. You can listen to Cash Cow on all streaming platforms.

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