Crying Vessel Reveal Details About Forthcoming Album; Release New Single & Video

Crying Vessel
Photo by Spring Florian

Anticipation has been building for nearly a year since dark electronic duo Crying Vessel announced their stunning new album, Before Life Was Death, with the release of the haunting single “Nevermind,” which was followed by two more singles “Blossom” and “Left For Dead.” Each of those singles showed an incredible maturation in the band’s songwriting and visual style and had fans clamoring for more. Well, the wait is nearly over as the band has finally shared more details about the forthcoming album, including the album artwork and the full track list. 

To celebrate this announcement, the band has released another single and video for what is perhaps the album’s catchiest track, “It’s So Strange.” The song is a sort of tribute to the standout single “The Abyss” from the band’s previous album Pleasures For The Wicked, which toyed with the idea of infusing synth pop elements into post-punk attitude. The result is nothing short of a masterclass in smart, accessible and utterly unique songwriting. Lyrically, “It’s So Strange” is one of singer Slade Templeton’s most personal songs. “I want to explain how it’s OK to be who you are. Be what you are. Do whatever it is you do.” 

Stream the single HERE

The official music video for the song is also released today and showcases a kinder, more revealing and downright joyful side of the band. Nothing overly produced or abstract. It’s straight to the point and showcases a style that Crying Vessel have cornered all to their own. 

Watch the video here HERE

In addition, Crying Vessel also reached out to their fanbase on social media for help in creating a second video for the track. Templeton continues, “We also asked our fans to send in videos of themselves doing whatever it is that makes them unique. We had a plethora of footage sent and we are excited to put this out after the single and official music video comes out. Dance however crazy you want. Whatever makes you feel alien can be your strength in life. We hope this song can help the world know this a little bit more.” 

In the meantime, fans can pre-order the CD, vinyl and digital versions of Before Life Was Death, which will be officially available starting July 22.

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