Bent Blue Release New Video; Where Do Ripples Go? EP Out July 29th On WAR Records

Bent Blue
Photo by Josh Andrade

Bent Blue has released a video for Where Do Ripples Go? The song comes from their upcoming 12″ EP of the same name, out July 29 on WAR Records. Preorder now at

Bent Blue is a melodic hardcore band from San Diego, California who made their initial debut in 2020 with their DC hardcore inspired demo Between Your And You’re. They band quickly made waves throughout Southern California, and signed to WAR Records to release their demo on cassette and later release a remixed and expanded version of Between Your And You’re as a limited edition 12” vinyl.

Written and recorded throughout the pandemic, Bent Blue’s new EP Where Do Ripples Go? is a showcase of the band’s artistic progression and determination to stand out among their contemporaries. Sonically eclectic and ever unpredictable, Bent Blue leaps forward energetically with an array of unique new sounds and hooks that wind in-and-out of hardcore’s more melodic sub-genres. Earnest, impassioned, and aggressive, no two songs on this record sound the same. And while the band maintains its empathetic and socially conscious approach to lyrics, this record introduces deeply personal and introspective lyrical themes that discuss topics like self-confidence and grief. Where the demo exhibited the band’s understanding of their roots, Where Do Ripples Go? shows progression in range, lyricism, and versatility.

Recorded and mixed by Gabe VanBenschoten (Ancestors, Daisy Chain, Horse The Band), Where do Ripples Go?, will see a release this summer through WAR Records. While often drawing comparisons to bands like Lifetime, Fugazi, Dag Nasty, and Rites of Spring you will most-frequently hear the terms “DC style” and “Revolution Summer” being used to describe Bent Blue’s dissonant, emotive sound. With one foot in the past and the other firmly planted in the present, Bent Blue fit right in with their contemporaries Fiddlehead, Sunstroke, Anxious, and Praise.

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