Seed Toss

Seed Toss Release Love Business EP

Seed Toss

Seed Toss have recently released their debut EP called Love Business.

“…The Love Business EP is the result of me (Max) wanting to write catchy and fun music with friends without overthinking anything, It was an opportunity for me to experiment more with pop oriented melodies and hooks while writing most often from other perspectives than my own. It was also another chance for me to experiment with different recording techniques and tones…”Max of Seed Toss

Seed Toss started with Max and Donavan wanting to play non-complex music with a desire to bring it back to just having fun playing catchy sugar coated songs. 

Having bands like Superchunk, Weezer, Dinosaur Jr and Tony Molina in mind, Max (Spite House) sent a couple demos to Donavan, and Seed Toss was born. 

Donavan immediately thought of long time friend and drummer Marco (Private Hell) to join the band for his similar taste in music, proven chemistry and tight straight-forward approach to drumming.

As the songs started to flow, Seed Toss started to look for a 2nd guitar player in order to make the band sound fuller and thicker live. John  (The Fake Friends) was then added as a rhythm guitar player.

With their debut EP ‘Love Business’ coming out and now in full effect, Seed Toss are ready to sing you the sweets and blast their stacks in your face.






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