Stay Loud

Stay Loud Signs With DI Records; Sophomore Slump LP Out Now

Stay Loud

Wilkes-Barre, PA punk rock band Stay Loud has just released their latest album, Sophomore Slump. The 15-track album features the lead single “Wow! That’s A Low Price” as well as follow-up singles “Justene is an Ugly Name” and the self-titled single “Sophomore Slump”.

The album was recorded at Novro Studios and mixed/mastered by Eric Novroski. “We really hope everyone has something they can relate to with this album,” explains the band. “It’s all about love and friends having fun! We recorded this record during the pandemic because we didn’t know when we would play a show again. We just wanted to have some fun!”

The album is being released by DI Records. “DI Records has been family to us,” the band explains. “They let us in with open arms! Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are right now. Their patience and guidance are everything we could’ve asked for. We love them.” And from the looks of it, the sentiment is mutual. “Since Stay Loud joined DI, they have shown nothing but their commitment to excellence,” says DI Records. “Matched with their manager Alonna Weaver, they have proceeded to meet every challenge with gusto. Sophomore Slump is a combination of their talent and hard work. If this album is a marker for the future then Stay Loud will be blowing us away for years to come.”

Stay Loud’s new single “Sophomore Slump” is a song for those that haven’t yet found their purpose in the world. “It’s about those that are pressured every day to begin careers and make decisions for their lives solely influenced by other people,” explains the band. “On the outside, it looks like someone is lazy or just completely idle,  but on the inside, they are thinking daily about what they can do better and their purpose. This is a message of hope to those people.

“Sophomore Slump” is a driving mid-tempo, rocking punk track with a huge hook, sure to keep your head bobbing. The single is now playing across all digital streaming platforms. 






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