Boerd Release New Single Featuring Venus Anon


Swedish musician and producer Bård Ericson (boerd) is back with a new album this fall. On the second single ‘Tomorrow’, he has teamed up with singer Venus Anon.

Bård and Venus met at a concert in the summer of 2021, where Bård played double bass and Venus was a background singer, for swedish artist Daniela Rathana. The same fall, ‘Tomorrow’ started taking form, a song about saying weird stuff in your sleep. Bård’s melancholic piano melodies and electronic sounds meets Venus’ expressive voice in a dreamy mix that feels like waking up from a bittersweet nap. 

Besides composing and recording his own experimental pop music, Bård is a freelancing classical double bass player since graduating from Stockholms’ Royal College of Music in 2015. He’s frequently playing with the Swedish Royal Philharmonic, Royal Opera and Radio Symphony Orchestra. His electronic music career started when he was a teenager, under different aliases but as “boerd” since around 2012. He has explored many genres but the last few years he’s been drifting more and more to an organic sound, mixing in more acoustic instruments. You could say that his two different music careers are starting to blend together.

His latest two albums ‘Static’ (2018) and ‘Misplaced’ (2019), were both released on Anjunadeep and has reached more than 25 million streams across platforms, and recieved recognition from BBC Radio1, Billboard, Mixmag and Clash Magazine. For his new album ‘Caution: Fragile’ (releasing in September 2022), Bård has decided to go independent and release on his new own label “Blunda”, with distribution by Aloaded.

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