Members Of Fine Dining, King Need, Strike Twelve, And Lowbrow Covered Let The Bad Times Roll By The Vandals

Members Of Fine Dining, King Dude, Strike Twelve, And Lowbrow Covered Let The Bad Times Roll By The Vandals

Members Of Fine Dining, King Need, Strike Twelve, and Lowbrow have covered Let The Bad Times Roll by The Vandals. You can check out the video below.

Here’s what Chris Navarette said about this collaboration: This cover was one of the quickest turnarounds I have had yet! I was talking to Joe Treister of Strike Twelve about what he would want to cover, and the Vandals popped up. Live Fast, Diarrhea immediately popped in my head and I started listening again! It was between 2 or 3 songs, and I went with Bad Times. I have known Joe for a long time and he is an awesome bass player! I was stoked to bring him in on the project and we went to work instantly. We tried different tunings, but ultimately stuck to the original format after a few attempts. After working with Anthony Ciandella from Lowbrow, I realized I needed to hit up Daniel and Andrew from that band as well. I didn’t plan for both of them to be on the same song, but funny it worked out that way. They all wanted to do the Vandals! Andrew knocked it out quick and added some cool little intricacies around the track. I love his snare sound! I knew Daniel would add some flair as well! He added a rad little solo with a dual lead at the end that came out sick! Daniel actually tracked at the world famous Maple Studios, and let me do vocals there as well! When I prepared for the song, I was afraid my vocals would sound too similar. It was fun working with Daniel on this one; we both wanted something different, and we pushed each other to get a good performance. We ended up with hardcore vocals with attitude, and I’m stoked on the way it came out! Davi Pacote is now one of my main guys for mixing/ mastering. He is so good at what he does, and we are pumped to have him on the team! Speaking of team members, Felony Ron is now a big part of what we do as well. The guy was in my wedding, and I was in his. We have been friends for almost 20 years, and it’s so fun to work together again! He just so happens to be great at video, and he pushes me to make mine better. Hope you guys enjoy!

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