Century Egg Share Animated Video For Little Piece Of Hair

Century Egg

Century Egg is a band of escape artists with a focus on playing visceral punk rock. Today the Halifax, Nova Scotia-based quartet is sharing the award-winning animated video for the recent single, “Little Piece of Hair” – directed by Susie Shapones (of Knuckles Animation) –which was supported at CBC, Bandcamp Daily, Post-Trash, Exclaim and more upon release. The video, which premiered as part of St Kilda Festival in Australia, won “Best Animation Music Video” at International Sound Video Awards in Prague and was also featured at Sommets du Cinéma d’animation, Montréal

“Little Piece of Hair” comes animated by Shapones and features traditional Japanese crocheting (Amigurumi) by Shane Song of the band. In this stop-motion/graphic lyrical video, our hero, a crocheted puppet based on the illustration of the Little Piece of Hair album cover (painted by Century Egg’s lead singer, Shane Song), is a soft and round, half-naked human that contemplates the life of hair she sheds in her bathroom. Inspired by the “Little Piece of Hair” song lyrics and Shane’s cover illustration, our hero is wandering in their messy bathroom where they are singing from the toilet and bathtub or dancing in front of the mirror while the song’s lyrics appear around them. When the loose hair strands fall out and land in the bathroom, they develop their own faces and join in to dance and become backup singers to our hero.

Speaking about the video, Shapones says: ‘”Little Piece of Hair’ is a mixed-media animated music video, incorporating stop-motion and 2D animation. It is also a passion project that represents the beautiful relationship that exists between artists. After their first successful collaboration in 2017, Century Egg and Knuckles Animation Studio continue to work together, even years and hemispheres apart.”

“‘Little Piece of Hair’ is the second Music Video to come from this creative pairing. It is a meditation on where your mind can go after too much lockdown. Things can get messy and wild, but there is also time for you to dance in your undies and wonder about the small stuff. Those ever-present hairs in the bathroom are even more present, after failing to cut your hair for way too long. The unusual experience of the last two years was something that was understood and shared, no matter what country you were in.”

Following previous spots opening for the likes of Lido Pimienta – a self-proclaimed fan of the band with Robert Drisdelle, guitarist in Century Egg producing a track on her Polaris Prize-winning album, La Papessa – Partner, Julie Doiron, and more, Century Egg have recently performed at M For Montreal Festival and Nova Scotia Music Week as well as headline shows in Toronto and Ottawa.

Century Egg is made up of singer, Shane Song (she/her), bassist/backing vocalist, Matty Grace (she/her/they/them), guitarist, Robert Drisdelle (he/him) and drummer, Megumi Yoshida (she/her). Away from Century Egg, Song works as a visual artist/video game artist, Grace plays in numerous bands including Cluttered (tipped by Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!), Drisdelle plays and arranges with Lido Pimienta (amongst other projects) and Yoshida performs in Bad Vibrations, Dog Day, Not You and more.

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