Northless Share New Single, A Path Beyond Grief LP Out July 22 Via Translation Loss Records


Milwaukee, WI progressive sludge quartet, Northless will release the band’s long-awaited and most crushing new full-length to date titled, A Path Beyond Grief, on July 22, 2022 via Translation Loss Records.

Over the seven tracks of A Path Beyond Grief, Northless intertwines mournful and dreaded sludge laced with cold, unforgiving doom. Each monumental, power-driven track delivers seismic destruction while triumphantly making way for the ascension and emergence of new creation. The album features guest appearances from Ethan McCarthy (Primitive Man, Vermin Womb), Erin Severson (Former Worlds), and Alaina Leisten.

Formed in 2007 as a sublimation of the musical wills of Erik Stenglein, Northless drew from the inspiring sounds of metal, sludge, death, doom, and hardcore. To date, the band has released three full length albums (including the NPR-acclaimed Clandestine Abuse), multiple EP’s and split releases with bands such as Primitive Man and Lightbearer. Growing more powerful with each release, Northless beam light through the gaping wounds of loss, despair, and existential misery throughout A Path Beyond Grief.

A Path Beyond Grief is an album dedicated to all those whom I have lost over the last several years,” shares Stenglein. “Too many loved ones have exited this wretched existence, and this record is to honor and preserve their memory. It is a testament to the sheer will and perseverance of the human spirit. The last several years have been insanely fucked up for our species. If you’re reading this, then you’re a survivor, and you’re also bearing witness to the horrors of our time. This album is the soundtrack for those who have endured, but still carry a remnant of the painful journey with them wherever they go.

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