Pressures Release Video For Dark Glow


Hard-hitting Canadian trio PRESSURES has released their energized new video/track for “Dark Glow.” “Dark Glow” is a culmination of explosive instrumentals, piercing screams, and melodic vocals that have created the perfect storm for the group, and will be featured on their forthcoming album/EP. Through lyrics such as, “I tried to be perfect, but you weren’t worth it,” the group emphasizes the feelings of not being good enough, but ultimately finding comfort in who you are.

“‘Dark Glow’ is about going through the emotions of living up to someone else’s expectations but never feeling good enough,” the group shares of the single. “The story in the song develops into a realization of living up to something not meant for you is not worth it.”

“Dark Glow” is a particularly monumental release for the group as it marks their first single since their debut EP Amaliia. During the writing and recording process of their debut, the group suffered the loss of former vocalists Kyle and JD, which has inspired the group to continue releasing and putting an emphasis on the message of their music.

After their loss, the band worked closely with vocal producer Wes Will who was able to provide a key understanding of their sound. Eventually, the group found its final form with Wes joining the group as their lead vocalist and currently consists of Jake Porterfield, Jesse Moreau, Wes Will, and Kyle Adshade. While the coinciding video for “Dark Glow” is simple, it highlights PRESSURES’ effortless charisma with one another and the track’s message as the focal point of the release.

The “Dark Glow” music video was filmed by Doug Meadows, while he also took on the mix of the track. The track was written by Jake Porterfield and Jesse Moreau, and mastered by Tyler Smyth

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