Thosar To Release Elementa LP On Grazil Records

Thosar - Elementa

The history of the duo called Thosar from Weiz, Austria is short but intense. Founded in 2020 as a fun project, it quickly grew into a serious, heavy new thing. Sludge Metal exclusively with bass and drums, the immodest additional attribute devastating is a program.

Is it bold to call a 4 track album plus intro a full-length? No, not with a total playing time of almost 40 minutes. Reign In Blood by Slayer only lasted 27 minutes, just another brazen comparison. Of course, Thosar are not trying to compete with Slayer.

Their debut album Omega has been released on November 20th, 2020. Now, they’re going even further with Elementa. Even stronger experiments, even hotter riffs, even more of everything! A pleasure from the first second!

The outstanding album cover artwork comes from the Austrian artist IRRWISCH.

Order Elementa HERE or HERE

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