Interview: Pressure


Pressure recently released a new single, so Andrew of Rogue PR sat down with the band to discuss their workflow, plans for the future, new song, and many more.

When did you realize that your project/band had the potential to be a career or long-lasting idea?

Actually, it was planned like that from the very start.  And everything we do follows a clear plan because we aim for the top. Sometimes it’s crazy, yeah but we always stay honest to ourselves.

When did the first glimpses of your latest release come together?

Our latest release is a song called “Behind Closed Doors”. It’s about domestic violence. Our lead guitarist and the band’s main engine Simon wrote this song based on a real-life story. We wanted to draw attention to the problem and reveal the truth that this can happen behind any closed door. The new video that we recently released in support of the song will show all the details. Check it out!

What really inspires your music?

People. Life. Pressure.

We collect stories from people and from our own lives and transform them into songs. Every day we face pressures that we have to deal with. It gives us food for thought.  Since musicians think and perceive life a little differently, we can look at the problem from the other side and show it to the audience.

Can you tell us a bit about the lyrical process for a song? How does it normally work?

Usually, it all starts with lyrics.  The topic comes by itself and we start the working machine under Pressure. Simon or Olli creates the song’s skeleton by writing the lyrics and vocal pattern. Then we send it to Olof and Emil. They, in turn, make their own adjustments and suggestions which makes the song better and stronger. Sounds easy but it’s a long way before it is all set and we start to record it.

What’s the most rewarding moment in your creative process as a band, and why?

There are two important points here.  When it’s in the early stages of writing a song and you’re completely immersed in the problem, it puts enormous pressure on you when you choose words or notes that you think should convey the essence to the listener. And when you’re finally done it’s a huge relief to you and your brain. I think that’s where the rewarding feeling starts.  When you have reached the goal and can hardly hold yourself from sharing your creation with other people.

The other thing is when you actually feel that after hearing the song people feel the same as you.  They start to share their thoughts with each other, sing along at concerts, dance, cry or laugh with us.

Who produces your music, and what are they like to work with? (If you produce the music yourself, what do you love the most about working that way?)

We have a big team working for us. First of all let’s mention our magical sound engineer Izzy who “dresses” our songs in completely new sound solutions, giving them a unique and recognizable sound. We have a producer who gives us very important tips and tricks. Also, our pr manager is a hell of a supporter! And of course our label! All these people work under Pressure, giving their best for the band!

Can you give us a couple of personal highlights from your live show? Particular memories that stand out to you?

Our band is relatively young and we had few opportunities to play live due to the pandemic, but now that everything is slowly getting back to normal, I hope we will soon delight you with our crazy stories. Stay tuned! Cause we are planning the tour to support our second album!

What advice would you give to another upcoming band/act?

Well, never give up! That is my first and the main advice. Even if you think that nothing works, wait for a couple of days, clear your mind and start over.

Second. It is very important to have passion. Every word or note you want other people to hear needs to have passion. People will notice if you lie and if you are not confident.

And Third. Practice. Every spare minute. Practice. It will bring you to a whole new level. It will make you understand the unspeakable truth. The best thing is that there is no limit here, you should always improve your skills and very soon you will definitely succeed!


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